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January 2003


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I have had some difficulty in choosing a cover depiction for this edition of 'The News'; the choice has been between a theme for the New Year; which road to take as we set out on life's path, new every day; or something topical. The matter was decided as soon as I read Jackie's note - hence 'Postman Pat' on the front. I recall a real life 'Postman Pat' in Devon a few years ago and I can find similarities between his work and the remarkable person who Jackie is. In this issue there are two letters to the Editor as well as my piece entitled Care in the Community; further, Jackie's place in our community is shown by the current petition being supported within the village.

To another matter; and one which is important to us all -choice! We have (or should have) freedom of choice within moral and legal boundaries: whatever we choose in life is for good or for ill so we do have to seek wisdom in our choices.

The Moving Finger writes;

and having writ,

Moves on: nor all thy piety nor Wit

Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,

Nor all thy Tears wash out a word of it.

So writes Omar Khayam in the Rubaiyat -whatever is said can not be unsaid and the written word once sent can never be erased. We need to make our choices wisely, for the future really is unknown and there is only one 'Constant' in the scheme of things as Archbishop Rowan Williams pointed out in his New Year Message, and which is reflected in the first of our January 'Thoughts.' It is not so much which path but who 's.

Tony Eastaugh's article, What's an AED? is informative and is one of encouragement to have worthwhile self-help in the village: it relates to this matter of choice.

Following the gift of 170.00 raised by the Carol Singers as a present to help people affected by rural stress I enclose information about the fund which was supported.

Finally, I apologise for the lateness of this January edition of The Oxhill News: just as well, however, because Jackie's round robin came in time for people to 'do' something about it, and I received the letter from the Trustee of the Addington Fund only today (Jan.11th).

Copy for the February edition should be received by Monday, 27th January at the very latest please.


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