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January 2003


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Letters to the Editor

From Willoughby Grounds

I address myself to that resident of Oxhill who has questioned the honesty and integrity of Jackie (the Post) and would suggest that she is anything but 100% honest and trustworthy.

Jackie has grown up and lived all her life in and around Oxhill. She is always cheerful and ready to help anyone in any way possible.

I find it offensive that anyone who knows Jackie would question the fact that she enlisted the help of her family over the busy Christmas period. and can only assume that this person is a newcomer to our village.

Bill Fox

Political Correctness or not ?

Like many other residents I am sure you received your little note from Jackie (our trusted, .friendly, reliable, cheery, locally employed post lady), describing to us how one of our neighbours had the good presence to contact her employer and warn them of a potential security risk associated with her young daughter handling our precious Christmas cards and junk mail.

I am sure that the person(s) who raised the alarm did so with the very best of intent, undoubtedly Political Correctness: however, I hope that same person is now delighted with the results which have been achieved. I will certainly look forward to trailing all the way to Warwick to collect my registered post.

Perhaps we should also reflect on the bigger picture. The Royal Mail will go through massive change over the coming years: it continues to lose money and one day will challenge the justification for free daily deliveries to small villages like Oxhill. Why can't we wait for the Government to frustrate and restrict our freedoms and liberties instead of doing it for ourselves ?

I would like to thank Jackie for all her efforts and her cheery smile. I am sure the vast majority of residents very much appreciate (and trust) Jackie and her family.

Paul Roebuck



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