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February 2003


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Proposed International Airport at Rugby

As you are no doubt aware plans were put forward last year for the future of 'Air Transport in the Midlands ' by the Government. Among the proposals was a major new airport in Warwickshire between Rugby & Coventry.

We attended a meeting in Kineton in November where we learnt a great deal about what this plan entailed. There were presentations from the District and County Councils, the main local protest groups and a senior person for Coventry Airport . From the detail we heard and the plans available it was a worrying situation. The airport as planned was to be bigger than London Airport and although we are twenty miles away, we would be directly on the approach path to the runways aligned NE/SW be subject to constant over flying of planes taking off or stacking for the approach. The consultants data indicated a noise level around 57 decibels, similar to that around Windsor on the A4. corridor to Heathrow. A noise nuisance we can do without.

If this plan went ahead, Birmingham & Coventry Airports would close and the plans show the footprint of the airport itself, however the ancillary services, hotels and other services linked to the airport would no doubt spread further. There would be little countryside left between Coventry and Rugby ; also, the airport staff would require housing in convenient places - that raises further complications.

There would inevitably be increased traffic flows on the surrounding road network, apart from the motorways along the Fosse VVay corridor. The original consultation period has been extended to May 2003 and we would urge all of you who have not already done so to make their feelings known to the government and also ask pertinent questions. Our District Councillor, Gillian Roach, will also help with any queries regarding the development. 

John & Joyce McKail

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