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February 2003


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Comment on the present international situation.

It is possible that over the first weekend of February the political and maybe military situation in the Middle East will possibly, for good or ill, have reached a decisive point when the Bush Administration and Mr. Blair make statements which sound like a warning that Iraq will soon be invaded, with or without a decision by the UN Security Council.

No one doubts the Iraqi regime is inhumane and undemocratic. so, unfortunately, are a number of other regimes. Does this then make it right for America (with British support) to impose what is now called euphemistically 'regime-change?'.

Is there real evidence from the UN weapons inspectorate team that iraq has the capacity to make weapons of mass destruction? If so, why Iraq and not North Korea which now makes little secret of its capacity.

It is not surprising that many Christians are asking serious questions as to whether or not at this juncture there are arguments which go to make an invasion of Iraq a 'just-vvar'.

Equally importantly, what will this do to the Moslem communities in our country? Many f\t1oslems will see this as a crusade -the word

tragically used by George W. Bush after September 11th 2001 . And

they see the West as having double standards: if Iraq must obey UN Resolutions, why not Israel in relation to the Palestinians?

The statements of most American and some British politicians

sound as if minds have already been made up, before the discussion of alleged evidence.

Furthermore, there seems to be a headlong rush into military conflict without taking into account the moral dimension, let alone the dreadful consequences of American aggression in the Middle East . There is a distinct possibility of yet another world war in which the real victims are the innocent again. Words of peace may yet lead to peace.


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