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March 2003


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Many many thanks to Russen for his great efforts with the News over the last five years. He stepped willingly into the breach when the previous editors felt a change was needed, and has kept us admirably informed throughout his tenure. I hope to be able to keep up his high standards.

I have no intention of making any great changes. The News is a village newsletter, and I am merely here to publish the material that the villagers provide. Please provide me with plenty of material - it will make my life so much easier. Handwritten, typed, files on disc, straight e-mails, attachments to e-mails - whatever is simplest for you.

I have had requests to keep the poetry slots, and will certainly do so. I have started things off this month with one or two that I happen to like. If you have prose or poetry, of a reasonable length, that you would like to see in the News, please let me have a copy. I cannot promise to put it in straight away, because of limitations on space, but will as soon a I can.

The cover picture this week comes from the home page of the Oxhill web site. There is more about this site later on.

This site is maintained by villagers of Oxhill for the benefit of the community and those interested in the history, news and activities that make the village such a pleasant place to live.

Send mail to the editor of the Oxhill News at news-editor@oxhill.org.uk.

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