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Speeding through Oxhill


Living as we do on one of the "entrances" to the Village, we are certainly concerned about speeding. Whatcote Road , past our house, is particularly bad. However, road bumps are not the answer: such so-called "traffic-calming" measures tend to act more as "driver-irritants". Speeding drivers brake sharply then accelerate hard, quite defeating the object, whilst heavy lorries have to go down through their gears, air brakes hissing away, rattle and crash over the humps and then crawl painfully and noisily up through the gears again.

They are also a real pain for farmers trying to get about with their implements. The result is increased noise, pollution, irritation and inconvenience for residents with no worthwhile return in speed reduction and improved safety.

We don't need sleeping policemen: we just need one who is wide awake and here!

Yours sincerely,

Graeme McDonald, Oxbourne House , 01295 688202



Whilst wholeheartedly supporting safer driving through the village, I would like to register my strong opposition to Speed Bumps. In an attempt to slow the thoughtless minority (who in any case will only see them as a challenge) the majority will have to suffer their ugliness, the increased noise and pollution as traffic repeatedly slows and accelerates, and the cost of premature suspension wear. Speed bumps and chicanes are completely out of place in a rural village, along with the multi-coloured tarmac and over-zealous road painting that normally go with them. They also slow emergency vehicles (sometimes with fatal consequences) and present a significant hazard particularly to motorcyclists - in the wet or the dark. The best approach is probably a clearly signed lower speed limit, polite notices requesting careful driving at the boundaries and a quiet word in the ears of the regular offenders. We all know who they are.......

I'm thinking of forming an organisation called The League Against Unnecessary Growths in the Highway. The acronym may be LAUGH, but its a serious issue.


Peter Taylor

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