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Oxhill Website

It's a pity that the designers of our village website wish to remain anonymous because many people, who know much more about these things than I, have said how good it is and that the designers should take a bow. Having advised friends of the site when it was launched, I have since received emails from Australia, the United States, London, Staffordshire and Yorkshire saying how professional and enjoyable it is.

The guy from Australia has passed it on to various other British ex-pats who, if I understand him correctly, were almost tearful to recognise a microcosm of old England .

One chap said to him, "You can almost hear the birds and the church bells". My American pal was vastly impressed by the technical excellence of the site, as well as being happily reminded of his 6 years in England .

Apart from anything else, the site provides more opportunities for us all to keep in touch. It will be of increasing benefit to all of our favourite Parish institutions and will provide much interest and amusement to all of us who are lucky enough to be on line.


Letters to the Editor / Webmaster

Hi! We have just seen the Oxhill website and itís fantastic. But for the younger websearchers.

maybe you could get some games on!!!!

The Foy Family!!!

(The request has been forwarded to the Webmaster. Ed.)

(Sorry - not much fun but the website will only be used as a source of reference. Webmaster.)

Thank you for designing the Oxhill website. I have moved away from the village now but still keep in touch with friends I made there. The memories I have of living in Oxhill will always be dear to me and it is comforting to know I can look up on the web and see "What's On." It is quite surprising really as if I remember correctly electricity there was a bit touch and go !! We didn't mind too much though as we knew there would always be a warm fire and conversation in The Peacock.

Louise Brook.

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