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Broadband Responses

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I certainly agree with the comments made in the last issue of the news. However, it is my understanding that the government has stated it wants all doctorsí surgeries and schools on broadband asap. This gives me hope given the large surgery at Tysoe. I presume you are aware that in order to receive broadband you have to be within 6 kms of a digital exchange. Where our local exchange is I don't know. I would hope there is one in Tysoe, in which case we might be able to get broadband sooner than we think. Let's hope so! Also I am one of the 39 and actively encourage anyone I can to register.

Regards, Alan Beavis

Register you interest in Broadband internet access at www.bt.com.

I had been told that the numbers required to justify the installation of facilities at the exchange for the use of broadband may have been reduced to 50. If however the figure of 500 is the minimum we may be hard pushed to achieve that figure in the Tysoe, Oxhill area. What is needed however is for enough people in the potential market to register. Many households will have children with, or hoping to have computers and their parents may have little interest in meeting the extra cost of using the service. We should still seek to target the children to get their parents to register because at sometime in the future they may need such a service. We should also target businesses that use computers because working from home as I do it is a vital tool to keep me in the market.

Alan Hedley, Merrydown, Green Lane

Register you interest in Broadband internet access at www.bt.com.

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