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Oxhill Methodist Church

An Extract from The Minister's Letter

You will notice that Services are no longer being held at Oxhill. Oxhill has a long and honoured history. The Circuit will want to acknowledge the place the Chapel has played in sharing the Good News of Jesus through the life of the Circuit. I am hoping the Circuit Meeting in June will make plans for that to happen.

It has been the habit of Methodism to speak in terms of the ‘failure of the cause’ when a Church closes, and one cannot deny that reality. There is another side to that coin, and it is that we need to acknowledge the fulfilment of a mission, which gives a positive view of the situation. Members and friends of Oxhill are sad about what is happening, and I feel that sadness with them. The Circuit shares it also, and the Circuit will not forget or neglect them. They will continue to be part of our fellowship. My hope and prayer is that we shall all, recognising the reality of the situation, and feeling sad about it, nonetheless have a sense of privilege at being part of the witness that Oxhill Church has maintained for a long time.

Alec M Roberts, Superintendent Minister

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