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It happened in August

August 1st, Lammas Day, is a quarter day in Scotland .

The August Bank Holiday is the last Monday in August, this year the 25th.  The Scots, never liking to do anything the English do, stick to the first Monday, the 4th.

The Princes in the Tower disappeared in August 1483.  They may have been murdered on the orders of Richard III.  Or they could have been abducted by aliens.

The St Bartholomew’s Day Massacre began on 24 August 1572, in Paris as the Huguenots were slaughtered by the orders of Charles IX of France under the influence of his mother, Catherine de’ Medici.

The Battle of Blenheim was fought on 13th August 1704 .

The Battle of Bosworth Field was fought on 22nd August 1485 .  Henry Tudor defeated Richard III.  Served him right for killing the Princes in the Tower.  Or possibly for allowing them to be abducted by aliens.

The Battle of Crécy was fought on 26th August 1346

Hiroshima was largely destroyed on 6th August 1945 by the first atomic bomb to be used in warfare.

Nagasaki was largely destroyed on 6th August 1945 by an atomic bomb.

The Battle of the Nile was fought on 1st August 1798 .

And they call August a slow news month.


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