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Concerning the population data in last month’s News

Dear George,

I've no idea how the article reached you for the Oxhill News.  It was originally used in a sermon but I had a number of requests for copies, so I put it on the Oxhill website.  Perhaps it reached you from there?  The figures are all arguable and reasonable - development charities put energy into turning dull global reports into more interesting formats.  On e famous example comes the mid 1980's when it was pointed out (I think by Oxfam) that the USA and the UK spend more on slimming aids than overseas aid. 

Your second editorial point is interesting because, as a matter of fact, a large number of people do argue with the sentiments of the last five paragraphs in the sense that they do little to help change the situation!

The point of a sermon, as well as figures like this, is not to provide mild entertainment but to encourage action.  I hope that people will do more than 'not argue' with the last five paragraphs - I hope they'll put their money, their voice and vote behind doing something about it.

 Best wishes,

 David  Knight

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