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Macmillan Cancer Relief

The Lardies Tour of The River Nile 2003

We have all heard of Macmillan Cancer Relief but I am sure not many people in the village have heard of “Lardie Tours”. 

The Lardies were formed about 6 years ago by a group of 6 middle-aged men who were playing golf one day and decided to start a card school, which they called the Lardies.

The fact is the group were rubbish at cards and hated taking money off each other as it ruined a friendly evening and gradually the card school became an excuse for a get together, eat curry, drink lager and have a laugh playing things like French cricket, Scalextric and Subbuteo and any other games their kids had!

Three and half years ago while training for a Triathlon one of the Lardies, Paul Bithell (Ex-Banbury Guardian Editor) had a brain haemorrhage.  It was cancer and it was terminal.  Paul was told he had 6 months to live.  His fellow Lardies asked him whether he had any ambitions that he had not achieved.  Paul said that he had never been to Lansdowne Road to watch the Rugby, never been skiing and had never been to the coffee shops of Amsterdam.

So five grown men who should have known better took Paul to Dublin where they watched  a glorious match ….USA –v- Ireland!  Courcheval where Paul skied slowly down a mountain, and Amsterdam…. Where they can’t remember much about that weekend at all…..however all of Paul’s ambitions were satisfied and Lardie tours was born!

Sadly, Paul Bithell died Christmas Eve 2002 and the Lardies now work tirelessly to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The Nile is an extraordinary river.  The Lardies are completely ordinary middle-aged people.  Inspired by the tragic loss of a friend to cancer, the ordinary will be taking on the extraordinary.  The Lardies will be undertaking the cycle-ride of a lifetime, along the banks of the river Nile, in order to raise awareness and money for Macmillan Cancer Relief.

The trip will take place between 13th – 20th October 2003 and the participants will be travelling every inch of the way by bicycle.  The tour will be 420km long and spread over five days of cycling.  That means the Lardies will be travelling an average of 84km (52.7 miles) per day, in boiling temperatures of up to 33 degrees celcius.

Any support that you could give would be very welcome.  Should you wish to make a donation or require more information, please contact Neil Chick on 01295 688238 (evenings) or come and see me at 4 Beech Road.  Should you have access to the internet, please visit the Lardies website at www.lardietours.co.uk

Your donations can be forwarded to me at 4 Beech Road, please make cheques payable to Lardie Tours.  I have leaflets available to you should you require some further information on either the Lardies or Macmillan Cancer Relief.

Thank you on behalf of the Lardies.

Neil Chick, 01295 688238

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