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October Events

It was at Rome , on the 15th of October, 1764 , as I sat musing amidst the ruins of the Capitol, while the barefoot friars were singing vespers in the Temple of Jupiter , that the idea of writing the decline and fall of the city first started to my mind.

Edward Gibbon, Autobiography

The metre, being the length of the path travelled by light in vacuum during a time interval of 1/(2.99792458 x 108) second, was defined thus by the General Conference on Weights and Measures in October, 1983, to replace the 1967 definition based on the krypton lamp.

The Battle of Ulm was a somewhat longwinded affair fought between 25th September and 20th October, 1805 .  Napoleon with 210 000 men defeated 72 000 Austrians.  With that manpower advantage he should have to able to win sooner.

The space age began with the Soviet Sputnik I satellite, launched on 4th October, 1957 .

The Battle of Lepanto was fought on 7th October, 1571 off Lepanto , Greece .  The Holy League routed the Ottoman navy.  Not a lot of people still remember it.

The Battle of Hastings was fought on 14th October, 1066 at Senlac Hill, near Hastings .

The Battle of Trafalgar was fought on 21st October, 1805 .

The United Nations was founded on 24th October, 1945 .

The Battle of Agincourt was fought on 25th October, 1415 at Agincourt .  Now there’s a surprise.  The decisive English victory owed much to their outstanding archers, who were mainly Welsh.

The Battle of Balaclava was also fought on 25th October, but a few years later, in 1854.  It was an indecisive battle between Russian and British-Turkish forces unless you were unfortunate enough to be the Light Brigade, which charged Russian artillery at the end of a narrow valley, losing about one sixth of the men.  The problem was a misunderstanding between Lords Raglan and Lucan.  No wonder the man disappeared.

The Reformation began in Wittenberg , a town in Germany , on 31st October, 1517 .


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