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November 2003


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First Responder Update

We have now obtained our certificates from Warwickshire Ambulance Service and our able to offer a First Responder service for the local area at night and in the evenings.  Warwickshire Ambulance Service has asked us to act as coordinators for trying to set up a Responder Service to cover daytime as well.  We will be able to give further information on this after we have attended a coordinators meeting arranged for a date in November.

As you are aware, living in the country means that it can take quite a long time for an ambulance to reach us.  This is much too long if someone has had a heart attack and needs to be resuscitated. We, as First Responders, will be called by the ambulance service and will be able to attend the patient in a much shorter time and give assistance until the ambulance arrives.  There is evidence that since First Responders have been used the number of patients being revived after suffering a heart attack has improved from 2% to 22%.

We need to provide all our own equipment including a defibrillator, which will cost about 3000.  We would be grateful if anyone would like to contribute towards this personal expense.

If you would like any further information about this please contact Mick on 07976298228 or Email: viper@viperrecovery.co.uk

Mick Shepard and Barbara Peach

3 The Leys, Oxhill, Warwick CV35 0QX

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