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December 2003


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25 Years Ago

Issue number 68 announced a meeting of the Parish Council, and thanked Eileen and Bert at the Peacock for Novemberís Bonfire Party.  The Youth Club announced the party they intended to hold for the old age pensioners (no PC nonsense about senior citizens there, then), and Mr. Acock pleaded for someone to deliver the Banbury Cake.

Potatoes were offered at £1.25 per half hundredweight (children, ask Grandpa), and the arrival of the Village Seat was announced, Robin Teall to affix it in position as soon as he was able.

Gwyn Adams informed the village that, since few people were interested in a Fete, there would not be one.  She also invited people to purchase tickets for the New Yearís Supper (price £1.00).  For some strange reason the village was to celebrate New Year on January 13th.


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