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It happened in December

Christmas Day (25th December) is the last quarter day in England in the calendar year.  It has deeper significances than that, though.

The Arpanet, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network, started as a four-node network in December 1969.  It is bigger now.

The Dekabrists, or Decembrists, were members of an unsuccessful anti-Tsarist revolt in December 1825, following the death of Alexander I.

Edward VIII abdicated on 11th December 1936 , in order to marry Mrs Simpson.

The Mayflower, the ship that carried the Pilgrim Fathers to America , reached Plymouth ( Massachusetts ) in December 1620. There, the Pilgrims drew up the Mayflower Compact, which based their government on the will of the colonists, not the English Crown.

On 7 December 1941 , the Japanese launched an air attack on US military installations in Pearl Harbor , Hawaii , bringing the USA into World War II.  The Americans decided to call it Pearl Harbor because they didn’t like the way the English spelt Harbour.

The winter solstice, usually on 22nd December, is when daylight hours are minimal.  On the other hand, later in the same article in the OUP Science Dictionary, we read, “the winter solstice occurs on December 21st in the northern hemisphere”.  Always better at Arts subjects, Oxford .

Orville Wright was a US aviator who, with his brother Wilbur, made the first powered and controlled flights, on 17th December 1903 , at Kitty Hawk , North Carolina .  The aircraft covered 250 metres.

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