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January 2004


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25 Years Ago

Issue No. 69 started by wishing everyone a Happy New Year, and followed up with pleas for a new Editor and a new Parish Clark to step forward and take over the reins of office.

There were still tickets available (from Gwyn Adams) for the Village Supper on 13th January.  The equivalent this year is 24th January, so get your tickets from Linda or Ray Dagg.

Joyce McKail was looking for recruits for her lampshade classes, and the W.I. were looking forward to a talk on local history and their fossil competition.

There was a report on the pre-Christmas Nativity Play, and thanks were offered to those who helped out at the children’s Christmas Party, an event which seems to have fallen by the wayside in recent years.

Finally, and somewhat confusingly in view of the initial plea for a new Editor to step forward, there was a request for all copy for the News to be given to the new Joint Editors, Ann Hale and Julia Leeson, who had agreed to take over in the previous November.  I am not the first to confuse myself.


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