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Your Community Learning Centre

The beautifully and sympathetically refurbished Old Fire Station, Tysoe is due to open its doors to the public for the first time on Saturday 3rd April 2004.

On e of the major objectives of the new Centre is to promote learning in the community. From Monday 19th April we are looking for local speakers / lecturers (call them what you will) to lead sessions for adults.  So if you have an interest that you would like to share, or knowledge or a skill to pass on to others – please let us know.  It would be ideal if you had a teaching qualification or were qualified in a particular field of study, but enthusiasm for your subject and a willingness to prepare for one or a series of two hour teaching sessions would certainly carry you a long way!  We are, of course, looking for volunteers to do all sorts of jobs too.

The Centre already plans to run Computer, Cookery and First Aid classes and is open to receive suggestions as to what would be likely to interest you, your family and your friends.  Family learning in the life skills of reading, writing, maths and computers is a possibility – so if you want to stay ahead of the children (or grandchildren) please ask!   Whatever the subject, for the first six months of the Centre’s operation, learning is free – subject to a maximum of two free classes per person.  In order to cater for different family circumstances, sessions are likely to run 10.00 – 12.00, 1.00 – 3.00 and 7.00 – 9.00 most days of the week.

We have links to Warwickshire Community Education Service who can call upon a whole range of tutors to run sessions on topics as diverse as singing, painting, languages, history, lace making etc.  If this teaching expertise can be found locally, so much the better.   A fixed hourly rate is payable for teaching, and mileage reimbursed where appropriate.

Whether you are a potential volunteer helper, teacher or learner, please get in touch.  “Learning is for Life” – and can be fun too!

Douglas Nethercleft, 680041

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