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The Roman Villa in Oxhill

As everyone knows, this Roman villa, in the field next to the sewage works, was an exceptional find by a local archaeologist.  English Heritage became involved, but work on the site stopped due to a lack of funding.  A minimum of 150,000 would be needed to start on the work of completely unearthing this 2-acre discovery.  However, funding is not now the greatest problem.  Ken Hutsby, of Thornton Manor, Ettington, who now owns the land, is currently proposing ploughing it up this summer immediately after making the hay crop that is growing on the field.

This will be a major blow for anyone who has an interest in the history of our village.  The remains are likely to be broken up completely if the plough is allowed to go in.  No one can stop this happening as the law states if it has been ploughed for 7 years then it can be continued to be ploughed.

What we would like the villagers to do is either telephone Ken Hutsby on 01789 740241 or write to him at the above address and implore him not to destroy this small piece of our heritage.  Failing this Robin and I will be going to the press.

If you need further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards, Sue Hutsby, Nolands Farm

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