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July 1

Is the National Day of Canada and the Feast day of Saints Gall of Clermont, Aaron and Julius, S Eparchius or Cybard, Oliver Plunket, Carilephus or Calais , Thierry or Theodoric of Mont d'Or, Servanus or Serf, Simeon Salus, and Shenute.

I like the idea of St. Oliver Plunket.  There is a resonance about it.  Who was he, and when and why was he beatified?  Anyone know?  (I bet Russen does.)

It was the day in 1690 when, at the Battle of the Boyne, William III of England defeated the Jacobites under James II.  In 1838 Charles Darwin presented a paper to the Linnaean Society in London , on his theory of the evolution of species, and in 1863 the Americans started the Battle of Gettysburg.  In 1916 the first Battle of the Somme began with more than 21,000 men killed.  The 999 emergency service became operational in Britain in 1937, and in 1940 the Germans occupied Guernsey .  In 1996 it became legal for doctors in Australia 's Northern Territory to perform voluntary euthanasia on the terminally ill.

George Sand was born in 1804, though at the time she was better known as Amandine Dupin.  Louis Blériot was born in 1872, 1899 and Charles Laughton in 1899.

Charles Goodyear, he of the tyres, died in 1860, and Allan Pinkerton, of the Detective Agency, in 1884.  Harriet Beecher Stowe died in 1896 and Charles Duran in 1997.  You may know Charles better as Robert Mitchum.  He was no relation to Duran Duran.


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