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July 2004


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From our Lancashire Correspondent

Dear Mr Adams,

Having stayed in Oxhill for a week-long holiday last week, I felt compelled to visit your website to remind myself of how lovely the village was.  I also wanted to drop you a line to thank the community for making us feel welcome, and to give an "outsider's view" of the village.

We live in a densely populated area of Liverpool (BBC's Ground-Force recently "made-over" a patch of derelict land not 100 yards from our house, so you may be aware of the difference between our neighbourhood and yours).  This is not to say that I'm not fiercely proud of being from and living in Liverpool , but taking an annual break away from urban life to visit the English countryside is a necessity, and I'm glad we chose your village!

Oxhill is truly delightful; we were so comfortable that we barely left the village all week (except for the necessary trips to Tysoe for supplies, and a day-trip to Stratford (or was it London ?!)).  The first thing that struck me was how quiet it was.  Actually, "quiet" is completely the wrong word - the dusk cacophony of territorial song-birds was quite something - a pleasant change from the pigeons and magpies we're limited to at home.  The occasional very low-flying plane (I'm sure that pilot had blue eyes), the clopping of hooves and the distant baa-ing of sheep were more or less the only other sounds we heard; it was so very peaceful.

With the opening of Euro 2004 coinciding with our arrival, we couldn't resist a few drinks in The Peacock, and the landlord and landlady were really friendly.  Of course, it would have been rude to refuse their hospitality, so we spent a few evenings at the bar, watching the football, and marvelling at the fact that the pub swears allegiance to Doncaster Rovers, and also sells candy necklaces - quite bizarre!

We also spent some time wandering around the church grounds, trying to decipher the inscriptions on the older gravestones.  Lichen clearly thrives in Warwickshire!

It was a shame to miss the open gardens last Saturday, but we had to set off for home that morning.  A peek over the fences on Friday evening revealed a tantalising glimpse of your residents' horticultural skills, and I hope that the event went well.

So, I'll conclude by thanking you for a relaxing holiday, and by admitting to feeling a little envious that you get to enjoy every day what we sampled for just seven.  We've been back in work for a week now, so the stress levels are already building up.  Hopefully we'll get the opportunity to visit again soon!

Kind regards,

Kate Wildman and Ange Rawlinson, Bootle

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