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On Devotional Poems

Some musings by a Major English Poet

I shall be interested to see your book of Devotional Poems.

Perhaps I myself may write a Hymnbook for use in the Salvation Army:  

There is Hallelujah Hanna
  Walking backward down the lane,
And I hear the loud Hosanna
  Of regenerated Jane;
And Lieutenant Isabella
  In the centre of them comes,
Dealing blows with her umbrella
   On the trumpets and the drums.

 Or again:  

'Hallelujah!' was the only observation
  That escaped Lieutenant-Colonel Mary Jane,
When she tumbled off the platform in the station,
  And was cut in little pieces by the train.
Mary Jane, the train is through yer:
  We will gather up the fragments that remain.  

It seems to come quite easy.

            (A. E. Housman)

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