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August 1

is the National Day of Switzerland and the Feast day of Saints Pistis, Elpis, and Agape (Faith, Hope, and Charity), Peter Julian Eymard, Ethelwold of Winchester, Almedha (or Aled), Alphonse Liguori, and the Holy Macabees.

And there was me thinking the Holy Macabees played basketball for Israel .

It is the day in 1498 when Christopher Columbus reached the American mainland, and named it Santa Isla, believing it to be an island.  Being completely surrounded by sea, of course it is an island.  Just rather a large one.
It was also the day in 1714 when George Louis, Elector of Hanover, was proclaimed King George I of Great Britain .  In 1774 Joseph Priestley identified oxygen, which he called 'a new species of air', and in 1778 the first savings bank was opened, in Hamburg , Germany .

Claudius (the "I" man) was born in 10 BC, Jack Kramer in 1921 and Yves Saint-Laurent in 1936.

Louis VI of France died in 1137 and Anne of England in 1714.  There's a saying about that one.  Pianist John Ogdon died in 1989 and pianist Richter Syvatoslav in 1997.  I've heard of John Ogdon.


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