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Our Special Day

Our Wedding Blessing took place on 19th June at St Lawrence Church, Oxhill.  We would like to thank just a few people, who made this a very special day.

Special thanks must go to: 

Joyce McKail and Angela Keen, for such superb flower arrangements in the church.  Not forgetting John who acted as Joyce and Angela’s ‘runner’!

Janet and Bill Gardner, for opening up the car park far earlier than expected to make way for our guests.  Thank you Janet for also helping during the service. 

Father Thomas (Dad) for his new career as a removal man, collecting the tables and chairs for the reception!

Our catering team of Wendy Thomas (mum), Gayle Barker-Harland and Thelma Knight deserve a big pat on the back for a wonderful spread (they never want to peel another potato ever again!).

Nadia and Charles, for the generous offer of their garden for the reception.  What a wonderful setting.  Thank you so much.

An apology to Rev David Knight, who had prided himself on not having a wet wedding in twenty years.  It poured just as we left the church!  Sorry David, it would have to be us!

Many thanks to all our friends in Oxhill who sent cards and presents.  We will be sending individual "thank you"s shortly.

To our children Lucy and Alexander, who made us so very proud.  

Neil and Angela Chick

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