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September 2004


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September 1

Is the National Day of Libya and the Feast Day of Saints Fiacre Giles (or Aegidiu), Drithelm, Lupus (or Leu of Sens), Sebe, Priscus of Capua and Verena.

It is, or is reputed to be, the day in 70 when the destruction of Jerusalem under Titus took place.  The world's first triangular postage stamps were issued by the Cape of Good Hope in 1853 and the Severn Tunnel was opened for goods traffic in 1886.  In 1920 the state of Lebanon was created (by the French) and in 1928 Albania was declared a kingdom, with Zog I as king.  In 1939 Germany invaded Poland , starting World War II and in 1969 Colonel Khaddhafi (well, it's one way to spell it) seized power in Libya after overthrowing King Idris I.  In 1972 Bobby Fischer beat Boris Spassky at Reykjavik , becoming the first US world chess champion and in 1997 Wisconsin introduced the welfare program 'Wisconsin Works', eliminating automatic welfare entitlement.  Gordon Brown is still working on his version.

It was the birthday of Engelbert Humperdinck in 1854, of Edgar Rice Burroughs (look him up then) in 1875 and Rocky Marciano in 1923.  Do you think Engelbert looks his age?

Pope Adrian IV died on this day in 1159, Louis XIV in 1715, Siegfried Sassoon in 1967 and Viscount Rothermere of the Daily Mail in 1998.  For some reason I thought both of these died during the first World War, but History was never my strong subject.


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