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October 2004


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Several people in the village have been concerned about John and Wendy Blunt, who moved from Oxhill to Boscastle a few years ago.  We are pleased to say that contact has been resumed with the Blunties, who sent us the following letter on September 3rd:

Thank you so much for your phone call asking after us.  I'm sorry we were so hard to track down.

The devastation is hard to believe, and it is even harder to believe that no lives were lost.  We have been incredibly lucky as we have suffered no damage at all.  Houses above us, as well as below us, have had terrible things happen, and many have not yet been able to return home.

There is tremendous community spirit amongst the villagers it makes you very proud to live here.  Gradually things are improving and we all know we will get things back to normal in the end.

We've heard from many people from "Oxhill days" and realise that our time living there was precious too as we made so many friends that have endured the test of time and distance.

Please give our love to them all and say we hope they'll visit to see the NEW Boscastle in the future.

John & Wendy


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