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October 1

Is the National day of China, Nigeria, and Cyprus.  It is also the Feast day of Saints Romanus the Melodist, Melorus or Mylor, Bavo or Allowin, and Thérèse of Lisieux.  You would think it ought to be quite easy to decide between Bavo and Allowin, but apparently not.

In 331 BC Alexander the Great defeated Darius III at Arbela, and in 1163 Archbishop Becket refused Henry's demand for the punishment of clergy in secular courts.  It is possible that he regretted this later.

1795: Belgium became part of the French Republic.
1843: The News of the World, Britain's most popular Sunday newspaper, was first published on October 1 1843, and in 1908 the first Model T, produced in Detroit, Michigan, was introduced by Henry Ford.  In 1938 German forces entered Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, annexed by Hitler under the Munich Agreement.  In 1971 Disneyworld opened in Florida.  Isn't it horrible to think that it has been going that long?


1207: Henry III, King of England, was born on October 1 1207, Walter Matthau in 1920, Jimmy Carter in 1924, Richard Harris in 1933 and Julie Andrews in 1935.

Edward Landseer died on October 1 1873.


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