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November 2004


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Newsletters Tell You Things You Didn't Know Before

Recently a twelve-page newsletter arrived in my mail and certainly taught me a few new things.  Not only was it considerably better designed and presented than the Oxhill News (Sue Price's Whatcote Village News manages that too) but it showed me very clearly that this newsletter doesn't always get across the information that it ought to get across.

The new News came from Registered Charity 1061405, or Shipston Home Nursing as most of us will know it better.  Now Gwyn and I have both read everything that has been published in the Oxhill News about Shipston Home Nursing since it started, and both of us had completely the wrong idea about it!  Both of us thought it was something to do with the Ellen Badger (an admirable institution in its own right – please support it in any way you can), and that it was some sort of volunteer extension to the District Nurse system.

Just how wrong can two people be?  The giveaway starts on the front cover of Shipston Home Nursing News, in the bottom right corner: "Hospice care at home".  The entire organisation, set up in 1996, is devoted to providing specialist nursing care at home for terminally ill cancer sufferers.  Free.  To people living in Shipston, Wellesbourne and villages in the area.  That naturally includes Oxhill, Whatcote and Tysoe.

Someone, somewhere, has to pay for this.  The NHS provides grants of less than £10,000, which does not go very far towards the projected 2005 expenditure of £105,000.  Most of the rest has to come from the fundraising events that are organised for them, so please take note of the events that are publicised in the News and, now that you know all about them, give them all the support you can.  November events include:

Friday 5 & Sat 6 - Designer Clothes Sale at Moda Rosa, Darlingscott

Friday 12 - Quiz Night at Tysoe Village Hall - Book with Jane Ridgeway on 01295 680262

Thursday 18 - Gift Fayre, 10 till 7, at the Townsend Hall, Shipston

If you would like to read SHN News call on me at Karibu, or contact Rebecca Mawle on 01608 674929.  Alternatively you could write to her at Lower Farm Barn, Great Wolford, Shipston on Stour, CV36 5NQ.  It would be nice if you could enclose a large (A4) SAE, so they don't have to pay the postage.

George Adams

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