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Following up the sparrowhawk theme of recent editions of the Oxhill News, an historical reference from way back shows that they were once a particularly prized asset in the village.  In 1240 there was a dispute between John de Wauton, and Master Simon de Wauton over some lands that included the mill in Oxhill.

John de Wauton duly established his right to the tenancy of the mill for which he was to pay Simon a yearly rent of a pound of pepper at Michaelmas.  The bargain was sealed by the down payment of a “sore sparrow hawk”.  (I was puzzled by the word “sore” in this context, but the dictionary tells me that it can mean the reddish-brown plumage of a hawk in its first year, which seems to fit.  Same root as the word “sorrel”.)

This hawk was presumably to be trained for use in crop protection or for sport.  Sparrowhawks can fly freer now!

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