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Local Burglaries

Warwickshire Police have notified us that a number of burglaries have taken place in this area over the last couple of weeks.  Thefts have been investigated in Kineton, Lower Kineton, Tysoe and Honington and appear to have taken place mainly in the afternoon, sometimes at weekends.  The police believe that the perpetrators are watching houses until they think everyone has left. Jewellery and cash have been stolen.  The police assume that the people doing the jobs are watching from cars.  Accordingly, we are asked to note the registration, colour and make of any unknown vehicle which is parked nearby or being driven 'suspiciously' - which presumably means when the occupants seem more interested in watching houses rather than the road.  The police do, of course, add that all doors and windows should be checked before leaving home, or even when we are at home.

The point about reporting cars is vital: a few years ago, as an experiment, the police stationed an unmarked car with two plain-clothes officers in it in a prominent place for three hours (on and off) in Oxhill.  Its presence went unreported.

David Hill

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