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25 Years Ago

The Oxhill News of August 1980 was a splendidly two-tone affair, consisting of two A4 sheets, one of which was the normal white and the other a close approximation to Cambridge blue.  It is quite possible that I was responsible for this curious mixture, but if so I have no idea why.  On the other hand, the very first item explains that George Adams was handing the village duplicator over to Mr. Brown, then the incumbent at Harmony.  So if the exchange happened before the August issue was printed Mr. Brown may well have been sensibly using up the old stocks of paper before broaching a new lot.

There was news of the Great Bike Ride, to take place in September (see this issue for this year's version of the same event), and the Tysoe School Parents' Association announced a barbeque in Wixey's Barn.

The Youth Group announced that their recent fete had raised 65 for Talking Newspapers for the blind, and Gwyn Adams announced that she was seeking a Lady's Bike.  Now she just wants the energy to ride one.

The blue page included the splendid strip cartoon (not that kind of strip, Muckraker) "Suparobot and Supanose Part II" by William Hale.  Part III was due in the September issue.  Are there any other William Hales out there?  We could do with something new, or perhaps very old, to brighten the News up a bit.


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