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January 2006


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Senior Citizens' Christmas Lunch

From some Senior Citizens

This was the day that pensioners looked forward to, for a happy get-together and a turkey dinner in a congenial Christmas atmosphere in the village hall.

Arriving there I found everyone assembled outside, plus at least two fire engines; the village hall had a fire!  Disaster!  No lunch!

We were quickly invited to Oxhill House, where we were offered drinks by Diane Cronin while we awaited events, but it soon became apparent that our lunch in the hall was well and truly off.

But help was at hand.  We were all invited next to the Old House, to find Jill Tucker plus helpers ready to give us a welcome lunch, magnificently if not horridly prepared.

We all had a very happy time, eating, drinking and chattering; it certainly was a lunch with a difference.

Many thanks to all who helped to make the occasion a very happy and memorable one.

Doris Roll


Yes, it really was a day to remember.  Three fire engines and one water tender to put out the fire!

Our sympathy goes out to the many people who worked so hard to make the lunch a success, and yet it was disastrous almost!

Some of us were fortunate enough to be invited to Oxhill House for some liquid refreshment.  Following this we were invited to the Old House to partake of what was rescued from the fire.  I think we almost ended up with one helper to one guest!

Thank you everyone who helped in any way to make such a jolly event, and certainly one to be entered in the Oxhill memoirs.

Janet Gardner

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