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February 14 is St Valentine's Day

It is the Feast day of Saints John the Baptist of the Conception, Antoninus of Sorrento, Maro, Abraham of Carrhae, Adolf of Osnabrück, Auxentius, Cyril and Methodius, and Conran.

It is not, surprisingly, the Feast day of St. Valentine, which some authorities give as January 7th.  There he shares it with Saints Raymund of Peñafort, Aldric, Lucian of Antioch, Tillo, Canute Lavard, and Reinold.  January 7th is Christmas Day in the Orthodox Church, so if you swapped allegiance at the right times you could have two sets of presents every year.

Saint Valentine was, according to tradition, a bishop of Terni martyred in Rome.  He is usually now omitted from the calendar of saints' days on the somewhat dubious grounds that he probably never existed.  His festival was 14 February (see above), but the custom of sending 'valentines' to a loved one on that day seems to have arisen because the day happened to coincide with the Roman mid-February festival of Lupercalia.  You can look Lupercalia up for yourself.

Several important things happened on February 14th, but the only one anybody ever remembers is that in Chicago in 1929 seven members of George 'Bugsy' Moran's gang were gunned down in a warehouse by gangsters dressed as policemen, working for Al 'Scarface' Capone.  It is important not to confuse Bugsy Moran with Bugsy Malone.  Their motor cars worked in quite different ways.  So did their guns.


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