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March 2006


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Junk Mail and Sales Calls

If you wish to reduce the amount of unsolicited mail that you receive through the post, register with the Mailing Preference Service (MPS).  Simply send your name and address to the MPS at Freepost 22, London W1E 7EZ or register on-line at www.mpsonline.org.uk

Your name remains on the MPS register for five years after which you will have to register again.

If you wish to reduce the number of sales and marketing calls you receive on your home or business telephone, call the Direct Marketing Association’s Telephone Preference Service (TPS) on 0800 398893 or register on-line at www.tpsonline.org.uk

Should you telephone the TPS you are given the choice of selecting an automated registration service or speaking to a real person.

Marketing agencies use computers to dial telephone numbers held on a database or to randomly generate them.  If sales staff cannot keep up with calls fed to them, this might well result in you receiving a ‘silent’ call.  If you have been troubled by calls where the phone rings but on answering there is no one there, you may wish to register your number on the Silent Callgard Service on 0870 4443969.

Complaints about text messages and automated voice recordings are covered by new regulations overseen by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) - the government body responsible for enforcing the regulations.  For more information see their website www.ico.gov.uk or phone their helpline on 01625 545745.

Doug Nethercleft (VLO, Oxhill)

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