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April 2006

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Tysoe Marionette Group

Work has started on making the characters, this time most of them animals, for our forthcoming production of Rudyard Kipling’s well-known “Just So” story of “The Cat that Walked by Himself”.  This tale so neatly sets out the origins of the Cat’s relationship with Woman, and Man and Dog!

Apart from head modelling sessions, we have to carve the bodies, design and construct the first cave (probably on a part-revolving stage) and sort out the props.  We will soon be recruiting voices and animal noises! to record the soundtrack.  After that manipulation rehearsals will start with a view to “going public” next winter.

Any folks interested in joining in this fascinating venture are welcome to come and see us.  We meet on Thursday nights.

Meanwhile we plan to give another performance of “Love of Seven Dolls” on Friday 19th May and another in late June. Suggestions for charities that might be supported next would be welcomed.

Tysoe Marionette Group is also hosting a Long-Strings Workshop organised by the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild to be led by Mary Turner of “Thunderbirds” fame on Sunday afternoon 2nd April 2006.  We might even be allowed to operate these famous characters!

Jon & Ann Beeny

Visit  www.PuppeteersUK.com  &  www.warkcom.net

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