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April 2006

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The Methodist Trowel

One of the rewards of maintaining the village website is the unexpected correspondence received from all parts of the globe.

One such e-mail last November proved very exciting as it offered the return of a trowel that was used in the ceremony related to the last restoration of Methodist Chapel in 1878.  Its return was arranged and after a nervous 4 week wait the parcel eventually arrived.

Ann Hale has researched the events and pieced together the 'story' of trowel and her article is included in this edition of the news.  The trowel has been reviewed and recorded by the County Museum Archivists; they will advise on its preservation and presentation in the future.

Currently the plan is for it to be used again in any ceremony following the current refurbishment of the Chapel and then go on permanent display in the building.  I hope everybody agrees this proposal is appropriate, but if anybody has any views on the matter then please make them known.

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