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April 2006

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Robberies in Oxhill 

There have been (at least) two burglaries in our village during the month of March, and we all need to be aware that the unpleasant characters that commit these crimes are active even here in Sleepy Valley.

We are a Neighbourhood Watch area, but that only works if neighbours keep watch!

Please keep an eye open for anything unusual or suspicious.  If you see a car or van parked by the roadside with the occupants seemingly doing nothing, take notice of it.  One way would be to go up to it and ask if help or directions are needed.  Innocent motorists will not be offended.  Putative criminals just might realise they have been clocked, and move on elsewhere.  At least you will have had a look at their faces, and of course taken the vehicle registration in passing.

We have not had a lot of trouble from events like this over the time I have lived in the village, but burglaries are highly unpleasant (especially when they happen to you) and we all need to do everything we can to prevent them.


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