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May 2006

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May 2

Is the Feast day of Saints Gennys, Athanasius, Mefalda, Wiborada, Waldebert, Exuperius and Zoe, and Ultan of Fosses.

It was the day in 1251 when Simon de Montfort suppressed the Gascon rebellion.  That’s Gascon, not Garcon.  Nothing to do with waiters.  In 1482 Venice, in alliance with the Papacy, declared war on Ferrara, which was supported by Florence, Milan and Naples, and in 1536 Anne Boleyn, was sent to the Tower.  She was the first of the Beheaded.  The Authorized Version of the Bible (King James Version) was first published in 1611, and in 1670 the Hudson Bay Company was incorporated.  Into what, my sources do not say.  The Queen Elizabeth II set off from Southampton on its first voyage in 1969, and in 1997 John Major announced that he was stepping down as leader of Britain's Conservative Party, thus setting a precedent for all his successors to date.
Catherine the Great was born on May 2nd 1729 and Jerome K Jerome in 1859.  There are no prizes for knowing what the ‘K’ stands for.  Benjamin Spock followed in 1903, Bing Crosby in 1904, Peggy Mount in 1916 and David Suchet in 1946.

Leonardo da Vinci died in 1519, Joseph McCarthy in 1957, Nancy Astor in 1964 and J Edgar Hoover in 1972.  The latter did NOT invent the vacuum cleaner.  That was someone else entirely.


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