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May 2006

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More about Robberies

You will remember the report we carried last month about the robberies that have been carried out recently in Oxhill.  The Parish Council, as well as those who suffered from the offences, have been talking to the police.

Good Neighbourhood Watch behaviour, together with basic householder security measures, help to reduce the chance of you being attacked by a burglar, but the police have pointed out another problem.

On the whole they have a pretty good idea of the people likely to have carried out an incident, and are quite happy to go and see possible perpetrators on our behalf.  Unfortunately it is all too common for them to find these people with quantities of suspicious goods, but no means of proving that the goods were stolen, nor of identifying the rightful owners.

This is where the new material Smartwater comes in.  A flyer is included with this issue of the News which explains Smartwater in great detail, and I urge you all to read it carefully.

Use of the stuff does seem a thundering good idea, and one which I certainly intend to take up.  Gwyn and I are happy to act as a sort of liaison group for this.  So if you would like to take up the offer made by the police, of a supply of Smartwater for £11.00 instead of the retail £35.20 please let us know and we will organise the collection and distribution.

Since anything you put off until tomorrow will probably never be done at all, may I suggest that you contact us today.

Phone us on 01295 680286, email news-editor@Oxhill.org.uk, drop a note through the door at Karibu, Main Street or knock on said door and talk to us.

As Mr. Nicklaus keeps telling you, “Maybe tomorrow, better today”.

George Adams

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