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June 2006

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Speeding in Oxhill

Hi George,

It has been some months since the above “hot” topic raised its head, once again, but nevertheless timely.

As a relative newcomer to the village (7 years) I made a conscious decision not to join the fierce debate this subject causes until I felt a little more established.

However, I feel it is now time to make a contribution.

Over the years I have read and been amused by the comments made at ways of tackling this on-going problem, anything from a ”quiet word” in the ear of the miscreants (very difficult at 60mph), to do nothing at all – what was it, the fear of “urbanisation” as I recall!

Fact 1, this problem is not going to go away – in fact it will probably worsen.

Fact 2, should anything untoward happen, i.e. a serious accident, then it probably won’t be someone from the village who causes it – they will either be passing through, e.g. the blue Audi estate from Tysoe (the blue is now black by the way he’s got a new motor) or visiting us.

I live on the Main Street “drag” from Oxhill House to the White House and witness the buses, agricultural contractors, cars and motorbikes seeing how fast they can accelerate from one end to the other.  A similar problem exists on the Whatcote Road/Kineton Road stretch where on many occasions I am sure a speeding limit does not exist!

And I would add that it is a whole cross section of drivers – young, old, male and female who revel in the challenge – nothing stereotypical.

It is inevitable and only a matter of time before someone is injured, possibly fatally.  We will then have the inevitable wringing of hands and mutterings of what should have been done, rather than what we did to prevent it.

Many examples exist, both in the UK and particularly in France where “urbanisation”, and here I mean the introduction of traffic calming measures, have been successfully introduced into many stunningly beautiful villages like our own without taking away the their uniqueness.  So there are solutions to the problem.

Am I alone in my concern or will the subject of speeding in Oxhill continue for another two years?  Time for action methinks!

Alan Beavis, Meadow View

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