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July 2006

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Anonymous donations

A couple of weeks ago an envelope dropped through my door at Karibu.  It contained £4 in coin of the realm, but absolutely no indication whatever of the kind donor nor the intended recipient.  Just a sealed envelope, blank on all sides.

There seem to me to be three possibilities:

1 - A non-resident of Oxhill is paying for two copies of the News

2 - Someone is making a kind donation to bolster Jackie Hatton’s efforts in the Race for Life

3 - A generous soul realises that, as a retired teacher, I must be living in abject poverty and is trying to alleviate my sufferings.

Whichever it may be, much thanks, but it would help me set the coins rolling in the right direction if the giver could please slide another piece of paper through the door telling me which of my guesses (if any) is correct.

Thank you.

George Adams

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