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July 2006

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Scarecrow Festival

Well, Oxhill, we did it again!  This time we made about 2300 for Church funds!

What a happy way to make money; it was so nice to see young and old alike with smiles on their faces.

Now to the thank yous to everybody that helped in any way.  It was very hard work the week before, but worth it all in the end.

Thank you to Gaynor Fila for organising the teas, and for the many beautiful cakes and the help on teas.

To Janet for the use of the field for the car park and the plant stall, along with Eve.  Thank you.

To Tom and Carol Fox for the pig roast, and to Mike and Josh for organising the bar.  It was a great evening.

To Heather for the trip to the flower market and to town for wine.  She was also very handy with the sledge-hammer, helping me put up 20 scarecrows.

A big thank you to Angela Kean, who made the scarecrows for the church and then came along and helped me.

To Ruth, or my scarecrows would have been headless!

To Helen and Jane, who seemed to take up residence in my home.  Many thanks for your help and hard work.

To Grenville for his map, and to Jill for the printing.

I must not forget Kevin , my son, for the bale of straw, nor Bill, Alan and Graham for their help on Saturday morning.  And thanks for the beautiful flowers in Church.  It did look lovely.

To all the committee members who worked so hard to make the weekend so successful.

Lastly, the biggest thank you of all to all of you for your scarecrows.  Without them we would not have a festival.  They were wonderful, even more so than last year.

Many many thanks to you all.  It was a great weekend.


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