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August 2006

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25 Years Ago

The News of August 1981 was, like several others of that era, a rather unusual publication of five pages of A5.  This involved the normal printing on both sides of an A4 sheet, and then putting page 3 twice onto one side of a second sheet.  That was then chopped in half and inserted into the folded A4.  Being idler than the Editors of that time I simply arrange for the number of pages to be a multiple of four and, if jut a little short of copy, shamelessly pad!  You might have noticed.

The Parish Council announced a special commendation for the village in the Best Kept Village competition (does that still go on?).  And the church announced a further round of fundraising to pay for stopping the rain getting in through the chancel roof.

Just to prove to Mrs. Rodwell that what goes around comes around, the Playgroup described their fundraising Strawberry Tea (held in July) as a Strawberry Fiasco.  All down to the torrential downpour which made rather a mess of the event.

Tysoe WI had had a demonstration of Hair Pin Crochet and the Youth Club announced a forthcoming visit to Alton Towers.  Back then that was probably a real event.

Joy Bloxham took over the distribution of the News from Gwyn Adams and warned she was about to start collecting subscriptions.  Those of you who read all the News may remember the procedure being reversed recently, though thanks to the Parish Council Gwyn does not have to worry about subscription collections.

Miss Coldicott had won the 50m, 80m and sack races at Coleshill hospital, and Max Brooker offered to walk dogs.

Keith and Julia Seabridge were welcomed to April Corner vice Brian and Mary Badger, and Eve Whaley offered to return a small stainless steel ladle and a plastic drainer spoon, which had been left behind after the curry lunch.  It was really nice to see the curry lunch being revived this summer.

Now, what was I saying about shameless padding?


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