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August 2006

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Dear George,

“Just One Look” by Jan Vivian

I thought of letting you and The Oxhill News know that a personal goal has been achieved in the writing of a novel and finding a publisher.

Crunch-time has arrived.  The first was finding someone to take on my first attempt at a novel I started while I waited for the airport bus in Greece, four years ago.  I've been writing ever since and some of the very shortest pieces are on a web site I had set up by a cousin in Holland.  It is part of the publicity that will back up the launch of my first novel, "Just One Look".

Publication day is 17th July and the enclosed ‘flyer’ gives information on the book and the publishers.  I am told that the first book signing is being planned and the first two chapters are being considered for recording for those using i-Pods.

I can also tell you that a collection of 3 short stories (195 pages in total) have been accepted by another publisher (SERENDIPITY) and are due out in the autumn.

My regards, Johan Vivian Van Dijk


[We are always delighted to support local industry, and writing novels seems to be about as industrious as it goes judging by the number of cups of coffee needed to produce even the shortest of editorials.

The flyer mentioned is unfortunately a bit large for the News, but this ‘inspiring and compassionate read’ is available now, published by Melrose Books in de-luxe hardback at £14.99.  That’s not a lot nowadays for a hardback novel.  The ISBN is 1-905226-62-4.

Will it fit your bookcase?  234 mm x 156 mm or, for those still working in old money, about 9 by 6.  Editor]

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