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August 2006

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Notes of the Oxhill Parish Council Meeting

Tuesday 11th July 2006 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall


Hugh Rowse and Carol Taylor were welcomed as Parish Councillors to fill the two existing vacancies.  Declarations of Office and Financial Interest Forms were duly completed and signed.


Coventry Airport

A letter had been received confirming that the West Midlands International Airport Ltd had decided to implement the proposed routes (see information reported at May meeting).


Permission had been granted for proposed extension to form living accommodation at Moat House.

Permission also granted to raise and repair pigsty roof, remove walls and block store at Church House.

Application for single storey extension at Appletree Cottage and application to fell birch trees at Merrilees were both returned with no objections.

Trading Standards

Information had been received to raise awareness of Scams being targeted at Warwickshire residents:

Boiler Room Scam these operations are based overseas and earn money by ringing UK investors selling very high-risk shares which may be worth a lot less than you pay.

Direct Mail Scam The most common of these are letters from so-called psychics and clairvoyants promising to make predictions that will change your life.

On Line Dating Scam Almost always they will ask you to send money for travel costs.

A Package Awaits Collection Look out for cards dropped through your letterbox informing you that a package is awaiting collection and to ring a number.  These are premium numbers and cost up to 15.

Miracle Heath Cures Mailing and e-mails from unscrupulous sellers of medical products

The Seasonal Doorstep Tarmac Rouges In most cases the work is of poor standard and the price often rises.

These are just some of the scams about at the moment.  Always be aware of any contact made without you asking for it, money being requested before goods are received, or offering something for nothing.

Emergency Plans

Community Emergency Plans for Warwickshire County Council were updated to include new Parish Councillors.

Food Hygiene

Stratford District Council are proposing introduction in September of a Food Hygiene Inspection Rating Scheme for food businesses in the District.  The results of this will be available to view on their website, www.stratford.gov.uk.


Tuesday 12th September 2006 at 8.00 p.m. in the Village Hall.

 Angela Kean, Clerk

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