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August 2006

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WI Report - July 2006 

Pip Handy was an enthusiastic speaker. He briefly detailed the history and traditions of the craft of thatching. Then he demonstrated and explained regional variations of techniques, materials and equipment.

He spoke as brightly about the future as he did of the past. Wearing his 1700s-style smock he told us about a school for trainees in Wellingborough.  He finished with a touch of magic.

Jackie Batchelor was hostess. Chris Smith and Christine Chapman provided the refreshments.  Flower of the month: 1st Pam McLeod’s fragrant red rose; 2nd Kath Silman’s Bears’ breeches (Acanthus).

Future meetings:

August 3rd: lunch in Brailes, after a morning walk for the energetic.

September 6th: Woodland Trust. Judging of cuttings raised for the Oxhill Cup. Appointment of committees *90th birthday celebrations *90th year spring show.

September 20th group meeting at Ratley

October: Highland dress (a change to the planned programme)

You are most welcome to join us.


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