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September 2006

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A Thank You from Chernobylís Children

Oxfordshire & South Warwickshire

I would like to thank everybody in Oxhill who has given this Charity such tremendous support over the past year.  Many of you were able to meet the children at the Coffee Morning in July and thereby see first hand just how important it is that they are able to come to England for recuperative care.  Oxhill has held three fund raising events- two Coffee mornings and a Gourmet Dinner- and these, together with donations and gift aid, have raised a magnificent total of £3920 for which Chernobylís Children Oxfordshire & South Warwickshire is extremely grateful. 

2006 is the 20th anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that deposited over 70% of its radioactive fall-out onto the country of Belarus.  Chernobylís Children Oxfordshire & South Warwickshire exists in order to bring 7-11 year old children over to England from the Belarussian city of Mogilev for a monthís recuperative care every year and meets the full cost of these visits which include optical, dental and medical check ups.  Wherever possible we bring back the same children annually whilst they are at primary school.  Ongoing medical research shows that these visits boost the battered immune systems of the children and increases their life expectancy by at least two years.  Apart from suffering with their health, the children that the charity bring to England all live in conditions of hardship and poverty back in Belarus.

During their month in England, each child lives with a volunteer host family.  The ten children (plus two interpreters/teachers) are taken out as a group by me during the weekdays and spend the evenings and weekends with their host families.

Thank you once again for helping to raise money to bring to England some of the unfortunate and innocent victims who bear the legacy of the Chernobyl disaster and thereby giving them the chance to live a longer life.

If anybody is interested in finding out more about the charity or about the possibility of hosting, then I can be contacted on 01327 361735 or e-mail ragsgsd @ hotmail.com

Christine Barnett

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