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October 2006

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Church Cleaning

Has anyone in the village some spare time?

We have a small rota in operation for cleaning the Church.  A cleaning party consists of two people covering the cleaning routine, i.e. one person vacuum cleans and the other dusts and polishes.  Both occasionally brush the windows for cobweb removal.  A partnership will normally clean one weekend a month, and the task takes about one hour.

At present we have seven much-appreciated volunteers (two of whom have performed this service for over 25 years [one at least for over 30 Ed.]) so we are one short of four pairs, which covers most months at once a month though there are obvious complications when a month contains five Sundays.  If we could obtain more volunteers then the less frequently the rota would come round.

Are there three volunteers (or better still more) who would be prepared to help out, sparing a little time to keep the Church looking so shiny and cared for?  Either gender; no sex discrimination here.

If you can help, please contact one of the Churchwardens:

Andrew Buchanan - 01295 688112
Carol Fox - 01295 680223

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