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November 2006

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Vicky's Bus 

Vicky’s Bus has had a refurb!  The bus is only six years old but the plastic backing on       the passenger seats was chipped and broken as a result of poor design.  Through further support from the Warwickshire Youth Bank, an original donor to the project, and a generous donation from the 2006 Tysoe Flower Show & Fete we have been able to replace all fourteen passenger seats with “jazzi” new ones – woe betide anyone who dirties them!

For readers who don’t know about Vicky’s Bus, it was purchased in 2003 from funds raised by a bequest from Vicky Hopkins to provide a transport facility for the youth of the Parishes of Tysoe, Whatcote and Oxhill.  The bus is also available to residents of the Parishes and, in addition, to children’s organisation and charities outside the Parishes.  Running costs are covered by donations from the users of the bus and local supporters help to maintain this community benefit.

For further details contact:

Jan Rumke on 01295 680587 or
Graham Hicks on 01295 680164

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