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December 2006

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Cagney & Lacey Live On

Oxhill villagers can sleep soundly in their beds knowing that their very own version of Cagney and Lacey – with a touch of Lassie – are keeping watch on the streets of Oxhill.

In the early hours of Sunday morning three men set off a security light and were spotted carrying boxes at the top of Church Lane.  Cecilia phoned Heather and with Lassie – sorry Whisky – leading the way went to the top of the lane where they found an unlocked red car without occupants.  Cecilia went to telephone the police, leaving Whisky to guard Heather, but heard him barking while still on the ‘phone.  She kept the police on the phone and went to help Heather who had confronted the mystery three, who claimed to be delivery men (it was 5.15 am!).

They dropped the second lot of boxes they were now carrying and made a quick getaway.  The police are continuing their investigations.

A warning to those who may try and emulate the threesome!

If Whisky hadn’t been around there would have been no chance that either of the ladies would have left the house and at least some stolen goods recovered.  So remember villagers, especially those of you who complain about barking dogs, that they are letting you know they are on the case.  It is very likely that these three had been around the village before in daylight identifying their likely targets, preferably dogless.

Also, should anyone be offered wine and spirits on the cheap, be wary of the source, especially if the wine is of a superior type and not the usual supermarket brands.  Cagney and Lacey have expensive tastes!

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